IUGO Mobile Entertainment

About IUGO Mobile Entertainment

IUGO (iugō: I - YOU - GO), a latin word meaning to connect, is our ultimate goal: To connect gamers with fun and amplified mobile gaming experiences. We emerged as a mobile-only game studio in Vancouver, and have continued to create and operate large-scale free-to-play mobile games on iOS and Android.

Since our founding in 2003, we have created over 30 mobile games, including self-published original games like ToyBot Diaries and Implode, as well as partner-published chart topping hits like The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, and Knights & Dragons.

We develop our games using proprietary tools, and a robust in-house engine, which give our studio the ability deliver top-grossing mobile games. We also value new technologies such as Unreal Engine 4, which is being used for our upcoming projects.

We are a tight knit crew, filled with innovative, top notch talent who have all contributed to IUGO’s success. Alongside our fun, food-filled, Beer Friday culture; we operate with lean, dedicated, and focused teams, who seek out unexplored mobile territory to bring you the next big thing.

Open Positions at IUGO Mobile Entertainment

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