Over 400 Tech & IT jobs listed from the biggest names in the Sector just one month after launch

VANCOUVER, BC— We are pleased to announce that just one month after launch, TechRecruiter has over 400 job postings from some of the most well-known tech employers in the Country. In doing so, we have not only established ourselves as the fastest growing tech talent community in Canada, but also the only resource for tech employers to source talent without having to compete against 3rd party recruiters.

Andrew Pollard, Founder of TechRecruiter states “Tech Employers are fighting for talent and it is in incredibly short supply while outside recruiters are having a field day and getting rich in the process. The problem is that Tech Employers and recruiters are using the exact same resources to find talent, and at this point, those resources are tapped. Not only does this pit recruiter against the hiring company, but it also creates confusion for Candidates. That’s why we set out to create TechRecruiter.ca, a resource for tech professionals to connect directly with employers and circumvent recruiters completely. One month in and our growth has surpassed our wildest expectations; we are already one of the largest sources of BC tech jobs and at this rate, we will be solidified as the largest tech career portal in Canada very shortly as we make our push eastward.”

According to the Information and Communications Technology Council’s Labour Market Outlook, between 2015 and 2019 there will be a shortfall of Tech talent to fill jobs across Canada, with an estimated demand for 182,000 new people to fill jobs. Pollard comments “Access to talent is the number one issue facing growing tech employers. We wanted to help address the issue and bridge the gap between jobseekers and Tech employers on a massive scale. To do so, we created TechRecruiter.ca, a Tech & IT job portal that is helping employers find the talent they need while giving internal talent acquisition teams a leg up on the recruiters.”

Though TechRecruiter solves a very real issue for tech employers, it was started by an unlikely figure. Andrew Pollard, a 10 year veteran in the world of executive search, placed his first CEO of a public company at the age of 21, took his first live interview on BNN at 25, and was recognized by BCBusiness as one of their 30 under 30 in 2014; the very profession that his new venture is looking to cut out of the equation.

“By making TechRecruiter off-limits to tech recruitment companies, we make it easier for employers to find the talent they need by giving them exclusive access to our thriving community. Granted, there is still a place for tech recruiters to provide a service in the marketplace, but we wanted to provide employers with their very own candidate pool to fish from where they aren’t having to compete directly against the recruitment companies they engage to help them.”

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Journalists interested in scheduling an interview with Andrew Pollard please email: andrew@techrecruiter.ca


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