TECHRECRUITER is an innovative career portal for tech professionals in Canada. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or exploring your career options, TECHRECRUITER provides you with job opportunities at top companies, relevant career content, and advanced job search tools and insights.

Job seekers of all experience levels can create detailed, confidential profiles, enabling them to maintain full privacy and total control over their search. Employers post opportunities and candidates apply and get matched to these opportunities based on the information in their profile.

We built TECHRECRUITER to make it easier for candidates and employers to connect. Create your free profile now!


TECHRECRUITER is a place for qualified candidates to connect directly with tech companies.  There are no other 3rd party recruiters that have access or posting abilities on here. Less noise than other job boards, just tech companies in need of tech talent.

Candidates – Individuals at all levels and across all verticals, from sales, marketing, development, accounting, HR within tech or IT related fields, use TECHRECRUITER to take control of their careers and get hired!

How is TECHRECRUITER different from job boards and networking sites?

Job boards and networking sites are one-dimensional, cluttered and noisy. They are dominated with postings from recruitment firms, many of which are posting the exact same jobs over and over again.  Their job postings are frequently stale, and employers are quickly inundated with hundreds of applications, meaning that your resume winds up in a proverbial black hole.!

Simply put, the technology behind TECHRECRUITER is more dynamic than other tech focused career site on the planet. We are a Candidate focused site and offer many tools to help you take control of your job search, in addition to just matching employers with Candidates. TECHRECRUITER can help you create a resume to stand out from the crowd, match you to great opportunities with some of the most notable tech companies in Canada while also allowing you to maintain complete control of your confidentiality and career preferences. Our candidate dashboard allows you to keep track of every job you have applied for, whether it was through our site or through another job board or direct on an employers site.  Join today to see all of the added benefits TECHRECRUITER offers to aid your search.

Do I really have complete control over my confidentiality on TECHRECRUITER?

Yes, your privacy settings are entirely dependent on your preferences. By default, when candidates create a profile they are public to all companies except their current employer. You can also choose to remain private to all companies except for ones you specifically indicate. It’s also important to note that regardless of your privacy settings, your information will never be accessible via the Web. All your information is protected on TECHRECRUITER, and only hiring employers can access it. No 3rd party recruitment firms allowed.

Does TECHRECRUITER charge candidates?

Unlike other career portals, there is zero cost for candidates to create a TECHRECRUITER account, apply for jobs, or get matched to opportunities. With our Candidate Dashboard, our resume formatting service and one-click applications via our tool-bar add-on, why wouldn’t you use TECHRECRUITER to navigate your job search? Create your free account today!

Tech Employers:

How do I signup to post jobs and gain access to the tech talent community?

To sign-up and begin posting your tech jobs  & IT jobs, fill out the form here and once your account is authenticated by a representative, you will be ready to start using TECHRECRUITER.

I registered using the contact form and received a link from TECHRECRUITER to create an Account. Now what?

Fill in the information requested on the link sent to you by TECHRECRUITER. Note, if you have also previously registered as a Candidate, you will need to use a different email address for your Employer account.  The best way to start posting for your Company would be to use your info@ or careers@ emails, rather than your personal one to start(if you have already registered as a Candidate).

Once you have signed-up, use the “Signup-Login” page on the site to access your account and start posting.

Does my entire team have to use one login or can each member be issued their own?

It is easy to add users to your Employer account.  Simply begin by signing up for an Employer account and once granted access you can add as many users as you like.  On your Employer Dashboard, simply click on the “Account” tab(found on the lower left of screen) and then select “Users” from the drop down menu. You can add as many people as you want to your Employer account from here.

How do we become Featured Employers?

Featured Employers get to have their logo prominently displayed on our homepage and Featured Employer pages. The logo links to a profile page where you can tell jobseekers about your company and  display all of your open job postings  for all to see adding a significant amount of exposure. Login to the site and from your Employer Dashboard, click on the “Account” tab on the left-hand side.  From the drop menu,  select “Billing” and once on that page select the Featured Employer section to add a credit to your account.  This is free to do.  Once a credit has been added, go back to the “Account Info” section and select “Companies, where you can then “Make Company Featured”.


What types of roles and professionals is TECHRECRUITER targeted to?

Simply put, TECHRECRUITER has set out to be the go-to tech & IT job portal in Canada.  We feature every role and function found within a tech focused company and also recruit for IT roles for non-tech focused employers. Such roles include but aren’t limited to verticals such as: sales & marketing, HR, accounting, IT, development, project management and executive positions.


Email admin@techrecruiter.ca to have a representative respond to you directly.

For additional background on our parent company, please visit: The Tech Recruitment Group Ltd.